Tomorrow we give our fourth annual talk at Field Trip (raise your hand if you'll be there) and this year we are talking about two different but related things: 1. Do what you love for the joy of it.2. Do what you love because then maybe you can get paid to do what you love. We've been extremely lucky that we've made our living strictly off photography for more than 10 years now (whoa!). This ongoing project we've been sharing with you guys since fall of 2015 keeps growing and bringing us such joy. LA Woman is the best example of doing what you love for the intrinsic joy of doing it and for no other reason. Thank you to the 14 creative women who have participated so far and let us peer into your inspiring lives. This project is an evolving thing, but now has a home on our site! Check it out (and if you do so on a laptop, you can find out more about each woman by rolling your mouse over each image) #lawomanbrinsonbanks


We photographed the charming Jimmy Kimmel for The New York Times. Our subjects are often surprised that the two of us are both photographers and work as a team, trading back and forth for celebrity shoots. Jimmy Kimmel teased us by saying, "So you guys have come up with a genius way to make half the money!" He was laid back and told us some amusing stories during the quick shoot backstage after a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live.


The small peninsula, or promontory, Dyrhólaey is located on the south coast of Iceland, not far from the village Vík. It was formerly an island of volcanic origin, which is also known by the Icelandic word eyja meaning island. The oceanside promontory's majestic panoramic views stretch miles in either direction and this is where David sang Happy Birthday to Kendrick in January. / shot for Samsung 


Massive basalt columns tower over the splendid Reynisfjara black sand beach next to Hálsanefshellir Cave near the southern town of Vík in Iceland. While the wandering tourist cloaked in red made for a fine image, we would strongly recommend against approaching the edge of the ocean as she did. The sheer power of the crashing surf draws forth an evolutionary impulse of fear in the pit of your stomach. That fear is justified as rogue waves can drag the unwitting out to sea in an instant. Signs and caution tape warn, but are continually crossed. Shot on the Galaxy S7 phone for Samsung 


Because Alfred Yankovic takes on so many personas on the stage, we thought this would be a good excuse to shoot the multiple exposures (done in camera, not in post) that we’ve been experimenting with. As you can see, Weird Al was happy to oblige! Shot for the Washington Post 


We were kids in the 80s so you know we love Weird Al. We photographed Alfred Yankovic for the Washington Post at his beautiful home and lemme tell you, he's a joy to photograph. The energy and charisma just spills out of him. And yes, this photo captures him treating us to our own private live performance! 🎶🎶🎶


Our arrival to Iceland was greeted in darkness, as this time of year there is only 4.5 hours of daylight. After picking up our camper truck we crossed the snow-covered lava fields at first light to reach the country's most famous tourist destination, the Blue Lagoon. After stripping down and showering, we entered the lagoon's vast and toasty geothermal heated water as steam rose from our bodies and the mineral rich clay squished beneath our toes. It is truly a proper welcome to the country. / Shot for Samsung Mobile on the Galaxy S7


LA Woman: Bethany, Glassell Park, LA


LA Woman: Noël Wells wrote, directed, and starred in an independent feature that will premiere this year. #lawomanbrinsonbanks


LA Woman: Comedic Actress + Writer Noël Wells (you recognize her from Master of None and SNL). More to come! 


We photographed the powerful-stunning-strong-graceful-kind figure skating national champion Gracie Gold for Red Bull and lemme tell you, it was so much fun! This woman is one to watch. (Also, can we have more smoke bombs on shoots, please?)


Not exactly the worst place to spend an afternoon on our road trip around Kauai. Shot on the #galaxys7 for Samsung


Up in smoke (outtake from a very fun recent ad shoot)  


We snuck up to Idyllwild for two nights, rented a cabin and shot photos along hiking trails and lakes and next to epic views with bottles of Moët in tow (because when you ask us to take pictures and give us creative rein, we are gonna make a road trip out of it because hello #westcoastexplorersclub). Right before we popped the bottle 🍾 that night we played with confetti 🎉 (and made a mess) and shot this photo.