🙌🌈✨ Squad Goals. (Shot for Amazon and produced by our talented buddies SharkPig) 


We photographed the cast of Will & Grace for The New York Times because the 1990s groundbreaking show is back. Good news, they are just as adorable and funny in person! 


We photographed the oh-so-stylish and oh-so-creative Jayanta Jenkins for the latest cover of Pitch Magazine. Jayanta is the Global Group Creative Director at Twitter!   #makeportraits


Amy Landecker for The Lily, photographed at the gorgeous Doheny Room. // Reasons to like Amy Landecker that we know of 1. She's an amazing actress, see Transparent2. She laughed at Kendrick's awful bear feet pun3. SHE PHOTOBOMBED OUR SELFIE4. See #1 because she is just brilliant in Transparent5. We could go on (and we only spent 30 minutes with her) but it's Friday and you've still got work to do so get to it


The four of us (including filmmakers Austin Wilson and David Terry Fine), spent the past week roaming the foothills and mountains of beautiful Rabun County Georgia and Highlands, North Carolina in the eclipse's path of totality working on a short film as a team. The days were super long but we met and filmed some incredible people and can't wait to introduce you to them all. Yesterday, we got to blow off steam at Lake Lanier at the Banks' lake house, as you can see here. Stay tuned in the coming months for more info on our film!


To the Wonder with singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz  


Marlon Wayans photographed for The New York Times. If you've been missing Marlon's humor, you can now see him on NBC's "Marlon" and on Netflix's "Naked" 


Singer + songwriter + composer + pianist Randy Newman, photographed for The Washington Post. He played "I Love L.A." for us at his piano in his home and that was quite a treat. 


O beautiful, for spacious skies with models Maddie and Amiyah McGraw


LA Woman: Vie Grigoryants Leeson is an actress, model, jewelry maker, and a producer/creative director! 


LA Woman: Chelsea Naftelberg aka @chelseaoutloud at her Hollywood home. What inspires you? "Travel. My wanderlust is insatiable and I want to see everything everywhere all the time. I have a heart for bright colors, lush plants, vista points, and bridges with walking paths. I love meeting strangers and hearing their stories—I think finding the similarities between human beings is inspiring and life affirming."