LA Woman: Vie Grigoryants Leeson is an actress, model, jewelry maker, and a producer/creative director! 


LA Woman: Chelsea Naftelberg aka @chelseaoutloud at her Hollywood home. What inspires you? "Travel. My wanderlust is insatiable and I want to see everything everywhere all the time. I have a heart for bright colors, lush plants, vista points, and bridges with walking paths. I love meeting strangers and hearing their stories—I think finding the similarities between human beings is inspiring and life affirming." 


Writer + Actress Sharon Horgan for The New York Times


There's a mythical place in Georgia called The Hostel in the Forest--lots of people have heard of it but you rarely meet anyone who has been there. Welp, we got to photograph along the hostel's beautiful boardwalks winding through the forest and in this amazing spring-fed pool for Atlanta Magazine's summer cover story we worked on and it is such a cool spot where you are greeted with hugs instead of handshakes 


LA Woman: "I love the freedom that comes with being an artist. Especially as a female artist, I feel like I have a platform to express myself and be heard and seen." Miryam Lumpini is a tattoo artist, painter and illustrator and lives and works in Downtown Los Angeles.  #lawomanbrinsonbanks


LA Woman: Miryam Lumpini grew up in the Swedish countryside and moved to LA in 2012. "Los Angeles is the City of Angels! It’s like a mecca for artists of all types: music, fashion, film, street art. I love how all of the cultures and creatives can come together to uplift the spirit of the city. It’s a great place to come to be enlightened." #lawomanbrinsonbanks


One of our favorite portrait subjects in a long while: Perfume Genius for Huck Magazine (if you don't already, listen to his sweet music!)


Y'all know we are both Southerners who just so happen to live in LA, so it was such a treat to head to Jekyll Island, Georgia (aka paradise) and photograph this fun cover for Atlanta Magazine! Thank you Caroline Kilgore for such a fun shoot and our two amazing models for jumping into green pools in the forest and climbing on petrified trees on the beach for us


Twin Peaks fans: this shoot was a dream come true! We photographed 8 members of the Twin Peaks cast and were astounded by their chemistry. Definitely our favorite cast shoot we've ever done. We are so excited for the new episodes unveiling on Showtime this month! / Actors Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, and Madchen Amick, of the Twin Peaks revival, photographed for The New York Times


LA Woman: "One thing that I have always stayed true to is not working with people that sonically weren't inspiring to me because I always felt if I wasn't inspired by the artist I wouldn't be able to do the best work on their project and that's what I'm all about. Doing the best work I can do at that time." - Soraya La Pread, DJ and music producer #lawomanbrinsonbanks


Writer-Director-Executive Producer-Emmy Winner-Bad Ass-Etc. Jill Soloway (Six Feet Under + Transparent + her newest creation is I Love Dick, now on Amazon), photographed for The New York Times


LA Woman: DJ, music producer and event curator Soraya La Pread photographed at her home in Beverly Hills. "I really don't think I chose to be a musician, I think music chose me." Hear Soraya's tunes here


 (We are in Cuba but very briefly slipped into a Wifi hole and just had to share a recent photo we shot in LA because we love comedians and this shoot was awesome) -- HBO's 'Silicon Valley' star, actor, comedian and podcast host Kumail Nanjiani in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California on Monday, April 17, 2017. Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon co-wrote the romantic comedy 'The Big Sick', based on their real life courtship. Shot for The New York Times


LA Woman: Soraya La Pread is originally from New Zealand and moved to LA to pursue an education in musical engineering. She started playing piano at 7 and started breaking into her dad's studio and making beats when she was 17 (her father is former Commodores bassist Ronald La Pread so music making is in her DNA).


LA Woman: Tara Kocourek Tobler is part of the magic behind making TNT's Animal Kingdom look so good. She is the buyer for the Set Decorating Department on the show and also decorates and designs for indie films. 


When we show our book and meet with new photo editors and art buyers, we inevitably get the question, "Sooo which one of you is the photographer?" Well, we actually both are. We both took photos for major publications as individuals for years before we teamed up to work together, and as you can see here on this magazine cover shoot we worked on in Coastal Georgia yesterday, we are both still competitive and want to get the best shot--even if the shooting location is already taken!  Thank you Caroline Carbine Kilgore for these photos and for one cooooooool dream shoot that we can't wait to share! #brinsonbanksbts