LA Woman: Tara Kocourek Tobler is part of the magic behind making TNT's Animal Kingdom look so good. She is the buyer for the Set Decorating Department on the show and also decorates and designs for indie films. 


When we show our book and meet with new photo editors and art buyers, we inevitably get the question, "Sooo which one of you is the photographer?" Well, we actually both are. We both took photos for major publications as individuals for years before we teamed up to work together, and as you can see here on this magazine cover shoot we worked on in Coastal Georgia yesterday, we are both still competitive and want to get the best shot--even if the shooting location is already taken!  Thank you Caroline Carbine Kilgore for these photos and for one cooooooool dream shoot that we can't wait to share! #brinsonbanksbts




LA Woman: Stacey Rozich's paintings and illustrations have exhibited in galleries in Seattle, Portland, LA and Chicago, and lately she has been working commercially for The New Yorker, Playboy, Starbucks, Lucky Peach, Sub Pop Records, and others. ⚡️#lawomanbrinsonbanks


LA Woman: Stacey Rozich. We've been fans of Stacey's beautiful paintings for years now and we were happy to have the excuse to invite ourselves over so we could include her in our #lawomanbrinsonbanks project. More photos of Stacey soon, but first, just do yourself a favor and go look at her imaginative paintings!


Actor Philip Baker Hall for The Washington Post's superbly written article "Philip Baker Hall is your favorite actor whose name you can’t quite place" by Karen Heller


We hiked and slipped through mud and climbed up rocks for this dazzling Kauai view.


We photographed actor Noel Braham on the CBS lot on a rare rainy LA day. Noel is a southern gentleman through and through (which we can spot and appreciate because we're both southerners ourselves). He's dressed to the nines in this killer suit and he's the one insisting on getting rained on so he can hold the umbrella and cover others. We were happy to have a little peek of the South in LA with this one.


Ok, so we knew Jason Segel was tall (from his movies--6'4"). We knew he was funny (from his movies). We didn't know Jason was soooo dang sweet natured. People throw the word nice and good around too much, but ythis time it fits. Photographed for The New York Times


It was an honor to photograph actress Shirley MacLaine for The New York Times Style. She is an iconic woman. Her film debut was in 1955(!) and since then she's wracked up many nominations and awards for the characters she has played on screen. At the end of our shoot, she stood up, gave each of us a hug, and said, "Thank you, thank you. It was the only one I've ever enjoyed." And we were floored. Look up the article, it perfectly captures her cheekiness.


Punk rock legend John Lydon (who you might know as Johnny Rotten, lead singer of The Sex Pistols), for The New York Times. We photographed him in this incredible backroom of Hollywood's The Record Parlour (where we had him sit on stools from Star Trek, but we'll get to those later).


Brinson by Banks + Banks by Brinson

The multi-talented Selena Gomez photographed for The New York Times. She and her mother Mandy Teefey are executive producers of "13 Reasons Why," which will be on Netflix at the end of the month.

LA Woman: Singer and musician Pearl Charles

LA Woman: Pearl Charles / "I released my solo EP in July 2015 on Burger Records and will be releasing my debut full-length record this fall with the Father John Misty band backing me, as well as a bunch of other incredibly talented musicians who play with the likes of Roger Waters, Calexico and more." ✨

LA Woman: Pearl Charles was born and raised in Hollywood. She started piano lessons when she was 5, voice lessons when she was 9 and guitar lessons when she was 11, so it's no wonder that she's been in two bands and is about to release her debut full-length solo record this fall! 


We asked Krista Jasper to casually and carefully come down this monster steep trail and she ran/jumped down it like the badass athlete she is.


Kendrick will tell you that walking barefoot on snow-covered gravel in a bathing suit in 17 degrees is the worst. But this photo says a little something else. Seljavallalaug is a hidden Icelandic swimming pool built in 1923, and is no longer maintained by the owner, though locals clean it up once a year. It is quite serene, tucked away in the valley. 


We went to the breathtaking Seljalandsfoss twice on our Iceland trip, this was the first. The second time around, a few days later, everything was iced over and it was far too dangerous to get this behind-the-waterfall view. 


Tomorrow we give our fourth annual talk at Field Trip (raise your hand if you'll be there) and this year we are talking about two different but related things: 1. Do what you love for the joy of it.2. Do what you love because then maybe you can get paid to do what you love. We've been extremely lucky that we've made our living strictly off photography for more than 10 years now (whoa!). This ongoing project we've been sharing with you guys since fall of 2015 keeps growing and bringing us such joy. LA Woman is the best example of doing what you love for the intrinsic joy of doing it and for no other reason. Thank you to the 14 creative women who have participated so far and let us peer into your inspiring lives. This project is an evolving thing, but now has a home on our site! Check it out (and if you do so on a laptop, you can find out more about each woman by rolling your mouse over each image) #lawomanbrinsonbanks