LA Woman: J I L I // We photographed this talented mixed media artist in her South Carthay, Los Angeles home (and no, we absolutely could not ignore this pink bathroom with its 1950s tiny princess tub 😍). Jillian Nalty, whose artist name is J I L I, is originally from Sydney, Australia and we love what she had to say about how Los Angeles is a unique place to be an artist: “In Los Angeles you’re always meeting people with big creative ambitions. It’s only very recently that I’ve started to feel comfortable identifying as an artist and I definitely think living in LA has had a lot to do with this. It’s like the whole city collectively gives its inhabitants permission to be who they want to be no matter what stage they are at. If you’re trying-out stand-up, you are a comedian; if you dabble with writing, you are a writer; if you are going from audition to audition; you are an actor. I just love that. Self-identifying as an artist in a confident way has definitely propelled me forward.” We are so excited to share more photos of her fabulous work and her LA home soon! 


 ✨ANNOUNCEMENT:✨ We are offering a free 6 month creative mentorship for one up-and-coming portrait, documentary, or commercial photographer based in the United States. ***Please note: At this time, we are only offering this mentorship to a person of color because we know the editorial and commercial photography industry is saturated with white, male visions and voices, and we believe everyone is served better by diversifying the photography community.*** This mentorship will focus on building your visual voice and setting goals to build a photography business (though if you’re looking for a list of clients, this isn’t that). It isn’t required, but if our mentee is in Southern California, there *may* be additional paid assisting opportunities. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please email us at studioATbrinsonbanksDOTcom with the subject line “2019 Spring Mentorship” and tell us what your dream shoot would be, why you think you could benefit from this experience, and a folder or link to 10 photos. And please spread the word if you know a photographer who might be interested! Submissions due February 8, 2019. We will announce our 2019 Spring Mentee on Instagram in February. Thank you!


David has a new gorgeous painterly inspired portraiture project called Chroma. Head to his Instagram to see the other portraits all magically done in-camera on his Instagram account 


We photographed Noël Wells for her new single!  



Banks by Brinson. A snowy getaway


LA Woman: @iamstevienelson in her Los Feliz home // Stevie explained to us why it is important for her home to be a place that nurtures and encourages her creativity: “It’s important for my home to be a creative space because I want the freedom to create daily and paint daily. I want my space to feel more like an art studio than a home. It’s important to me because creating is a ritual and a huge part of who I am. I think I was born to create, so my house should be designed to help me do just that.” ✨✨✨ 



LA Woman: Kyoko Takenaka Jinjabrew // We were immediately struck by all the creative corners in Kyoko’s home—a giant desk, a backdrop hanging, a mic and two guitars on stands, a keyboard on the floor, a camera on a table. And, of course, that is intentional. Kyoko on having a dedicated creative space: ⚡️ “As an artist straddling many different mediums, I wanted to create an open and sacred space where I didn’t feel restricted to one medium. I strive in collaboration and wanted to create a space where everyone can show up with what they would like to communicate through - whether it be dance, music, or moving images; and also the space to create and finish things by my own will if I need to. A lot of projects I shoot and edit myself right here.” ⚡️




Literal Squad Goals. Kendrick is back at it working on her Sun City: Life After Life documentary project  


Sarah Silverman for The New York Times, 2017


Throwback to our shoot with a very dapper Ryan Seacrest for a New York Times Style cover 


We stood on a stage at Way Up North in Cologne, Germany and cracked our hearts open a little talking about how to keep that creative spark alive. Just saying these personal truths about cherishing that thing that made you-me-us fall in love with photography and storytelling in the first place and dedicating ourselves to prioritizing passion projects and personal documentation out loud to an audience holds us accountable to keep trying to practice what we preach. Thanks for having us and reminding us to remember why we do what we do and why it feels so dang good to do it.


We photographed actor Y’lan Noel (Insecure, The First Purge) for The New York Times at Vinz and we weren’t mad about it.


We photographed Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu for Variety a bit back.



Kendrick went bowling with Billy Bob Thornton. No big deal.