We fell madly in love with California the moment we moved here. As two people who had spent the majority of our lives in South Carolina and Georgia, being on the other side of the country offered up beautiful foreign landscapes and different light and being in a brand new incredibly diverse place immediately invigorated our photography. When we aren't working and can sneak away, we load up our two dogs and hit the road to camp for a day or three. We revel and wonder in nature and recharge. From Sequoia to Big Sur to Death Valley to Yosemite to Joshua Tree to the Eastern Sierras and back again and again. This is our love poem to California, two and a half years in the making and there will be more verses to come. So consider this not a labor of love because there is no labor to it, but something deeply more personal and quiet and full of our love for each other. See the edit of #westcoastexplorersclub on our portfolio site at and then get outside and take a deep breath