Tomorrow we give our fourth annual talk at Field Trip (raise your hand if you'll be there) and this year we are talking about two different but related things: 1. Do what you love for the joy of it.2. Do what you love because then maybe you can get paid to do what you love. We've been extremely lucky that we've made our living strictly off photography for more than 10 years now (whoa!). This ongoing project we've been sharing with you guys since fall of 2015 keeps growing and bringing us such joy. LA Woman is the best example of doing what you love for the intrinsic joy of doing it and for no other reason. Thank you to the 14 creative women who have participated so far and let us peer into your inspiring lives. This project is an evolving thing, but now has a home on our site! Check it out (and if you do so on a laptop, you can find out more about each woman by rolling your mouse over each image) #lawomanbrinsonbanks