We are so excited to share a big project we worked on for ESPN Undefeated! We photographed 6 talented actors (and invaded their homes and offices and yards with frosted plexiglass and v-flats and lighting gear - you probably saw us share lots of behind the scenes videos last month in our Stories). This is actor Shaun Baker (you might recognize him from Living Single). The piece by writer Keith Murphy is called “From ‘Dawson’s Creek’ to ‘Buffy’ to ‘Frasier’ to ‘Seinfeld’ — what happened to those lone, ‘token’ black actors?Eight talents tell stories of offensive scripts, stunt people in blackface and the heartbreak — and hope — of portraying Thug No. 2 and the dope dealer’s girlfriend” - Please read it! . Each person we met was so kind and fun to photograph. It was a blast working on this | Brinson+Banks