LA Woman: J I L I // We photographed this talented mixed media artist in her South Carthay, Los Angeles home (and no, we absolutely could not ignore this pink bathroom with its 1950s tiny princess tub 😍). Jillian Nalty, whose artist name is J I L I, is originally from Sydney, Australia and we love what she had to say about how Los Angeles is a unique place to be an artist: “In Los Angeles you’re always meeting people with big creative ambitions. It’s only very recently that I’ve started to feel comfortable identifying as an artist and I definitely think living in LA has had a lot to do with this. It’s like the whole city collectively gives its inhabitants permission to be who they want to be no matter what stage they are at. If you’re trying-out stand-up, you are a comedian; if you dabble with writing, you are a writer; if you are going from audition to audition; you are an actor. I just love that. Self-identifying as an artist in a confident way has definitely propelled me forward.” We are so excited to share more photos of her fabulous work and her LA home soon!